Why Join The FOP?

There are many reasons you should become a member of the Fraternal Order of Police. You may have already read about the benefits of membership. Here are a few more reasons why you too should become "Proud to be FOP"!
  • We are the oldest and largest Professional Police Organization in the nation.
  • Our membership is made exclusively of active and retired police officers.
  • We are an organization run BY cops FOR cops!
  • Local community programs are sponsored by area lodges and officers. We care about our communities!
  • Local officers can customize their lodge to cater to their specific needs. One example would be rural requirements vs. urban requirements. FOP provides the foundation on which you build the kinds of features you specifically need and want.
If you still aren't ready to join the FOP, we'd love to hear from you and explain how the Fraternal Order of Police can benefit you in particular contact us today.

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