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National FOP - Since 1915

In 1915, the life of a policeman was bleak. In many communities they were forced to work 12-hour days, 365 days a year. There were no organizations to make their voices heard, no other means to make their grievances known.

Thanks to the courage and wisdom of two Pittsburgh patrol officers, Martin Toole and Delbert Nagle, things soon changed. They and 21 others met on May 14, 1915 and held the first meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police. They decided on this name due to the anti-union sentiment of the time.

A tradition of police officers representing police officers began. In 1917 the idea of a national organization of police officers came about. The Fraternal Order of Police has become the largest professional police organization in the country.

Texas State Lodge FOP - Since 1985

In September 1985, the Texas State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police was established after three local lodges were formed in the West Texas area.

The Texas State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police has been serving the law enforcement profession in Texas for over 36 years. Today, Texas lodges exist from the high plains of the Texas Panhandle to the shores of the Gulf Coast – from the mountains of far West Texas to the piney woods of East Texas. Officers from county, state and federal municipal agencies are represented and as we say in Texas… “Proud to be FOP!”

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